Để được gần cô / To be close to our teacher

Có bạn xoã tóc Cô chải hộ cho Có bạn tuột nơ Cô ngồi cài lại.   Có bạn tuột mãi À bạn giả vờ Để được gần cô Để được làm nũng!     Some have their hair fell So she combs for her Some have their bow dropped So she tightens it up  ... Continue Reading →


Thơ cấp 1 – Primary school poems

"Poems for primary schools - Part 1" is a new intellectual gift for the pupils in primary schools. This is also the first poem collection of Education Publishing House, compiled and published just for the children. A poem collection for childhood. This is very meaningful. Because in the childhood, more than in any ages, we love to... Continue Reading →

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