Thơ cấp 1 – Primary school poems


“Poems for primary schools – Part 1” is a new intellectual gift for the pupils in primary schools. This is also the first poem collection of Education Publishing House, compiled and published just for the children.

A poem collection for childhood. This is very meaningful. Because in the childhood, more than in any ages, we love to read poems while playing. With the most loving poems, sometimes the children sing the words.

Oh, sweet mother tongue! How to sing for the childhood to be more poetic. How to make the childhood become a garden to cherish for the tomorrow of our country!

Wish you find in this collection the best poems in your childhood.

August 1988 – Education Publishing House 

I was given the book when I was in primary school by my friend’s father, probably in 1996. There was no such book in the bookstore in the city, he got it from the donation to mountainous area. I found it surprising that such a good book no longer available to children in the city! I will keep posting poems from this book, to add into the collection of poems for children for parents to read to their children and as the book states, to cherish our tomorrow.


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