Volunteers for a dream :)


Hộp bút / Pen box

Đây hộp bút xanh vàng Là nhà của thước bút Lại còn biết ca vang   Khi nằm trong cặp sách Theo em bước tới trường Tiếng va đập lách cách   Nào bút chì, thước kẻ Compa với e-ke Nhịp nhàng cùng chân bước   Tiếng lách cách vang vang Như bài ca em hát... Continue Reading →

I have a dream

I have a dream, of bringing equal opportunities to education and support to the disadvantage young. Our young talents and dreams are fading because they are discouraged to do so or because the lack opportunities to see opportunities prevents them from realizing their potential. That's why I've joined Living Dream. At Living Dream, we are more... Continue Reading →

Thơ cấp 1 – Primary school poems

"Poems for primary schools - Part 1" is a new intellectual gift for the pupils in primary schools. This is also the first poem collection of Education Publishing House, compiled and published just for the children. A poem collection for childhood. This is very meaningful. Because in the childhood, more than in any ages, we love to... Continue Reading →

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